We do monthly fermentation workshops in Wellington and we love it. It’s such a great way of bringing people from different backgrounds together, all united by a common force: their love for fermentation. 2020 was an incredible year for us, and this one will be even better! There will be some cool collaborations with other brands and we are also teaming up with 2 of our favourites: Food Envy and Wellington Apothecary. We will be using their amazing spaces to do our workshops and we couldn’t be more excited.

Our classes

Inma is our teacher and the brain behind Best Kept Health. She has a background in Nutrition and Health coaching and a lot of years experience as a fermenter. She brings incredible knowledge and passion to the classes and her energy is contagious. Our workshops are a mixture of gut health teaching and fermentation. They are fun, informative, interactive and always hands-on, we think the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty! We have the usual suspects in the schedule: fermented vegetables / kraut and water kefir / natural soda workshops. By popular demand, we are also adding a new class to the list this year: kimchi and pickles.

Upcoming Workshops

Please note this page is updated regularly to keep up to date with all our upcoming classes.

15th April – Fermented Veggies and Sauerkraut Workshop with Esther’s @ Wellington Apothecary

In this hands on workshop, you will learn all about the principles of fermentation, why microbes are so awesome and how consuming fermented goodies can help you improve your gut and overall health. You’ll also be making your own kraut and fermenting other vegetables using different brine percentages. We are very excited to be joined by Esther Lewis from Esther’s for this class. She will be showing us how to make a couple of her most popular pickles.

29th May – Kimchi and Pickles Workshop @ Food Envy

Learn about the principles of fermentation and the importance of microbes. Discover what different types of kimchi are out there, the difference between pickling and fermenting and how to make all these delicious nutritious foods! For full info and booking, click on the link below.

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