our sessions and program

Ok, you are here, ready to start making some positive changes in your life. That first step is huge, so well done for making it here. We hope that you’ve had a browse through the site and understood our values and why we do what we do, it’s important that we are on the same page to get the best out of our sessions.

We love honesty and simplicity and apply it to everything we do and everything we are

The Program

Our Best Kept program is designed to improve your gut health, gain mental clarity and reduce stress by building a healthier relationship with food and your environment to support the body’s natural healing mechanisms. We believe our health is a long life journey and we reflect that in our program.

We offer a safe non judgemental space where we work together to develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for you and then implement lasting habits that will improve your energy, gut health, diet, sleep, balance and overall wellbeing. We facilitate the facts so that you can find what works for you – your body and your gut are unique and different to everyone else’s and your diet and lifestyle should mirror that too.

You can also book individual and follow up sessions but we strongly recommend our 3 month program to maximize the benefits of coaching – some habits are hard to break and commitment is definitely one of the best ways to achieve long lasting results plus is a great motivator! The sessions are done online via Zoom or in person if you are in Wellington City.

Live a simpler more meaningful life built around what really matters to you

You would love working with us if you…

  • Want to improve your gut health.
  • Suffer from stress related gut issues.
  • Want to gain focus and calm in your life.
  • If your mood is a bit grey and you are lacking energy.
  • Want to learn more about how to incorporate whole and fermented foods into your diet.
  • Are confused about all the misleading health information out there and need clarity in your choices.

Single Session

Initial Consultation ( 60 mins )

Goal setting
Individualized action plan
Session notes
Tools tailored to your needs
Email support for 2 weeks after session

$109 NZD

5 Sessions Bundle

Follow up Session ( 50 mins )

Review of goals
Strategies to cope with challenges
Reviewed action plan
Tools tailored to your needs
Email support for 2 weeks after session

$85 NZD

10 Sessions Bundle

The Best Kept Program ( 3 months )

1 x 60 min initial consultation
5 x 50 min bi-weekly follow up sessions
Email support in between sessions
3 x phone calls
Tools tailored to your needs
Gut friendly recipes

$495 NZD

What you will gain working with us…

  • Cultivate a new, healthy relationship with food.
  • Discover what is truly important to your personal growth and development.
  • Learn acceptance and how to let go of things that don’t serve you to live a more peaceful life.
  • More confidence in your choices.
  • An understanding of what optimum gut health means and how to keep your microbes happy.
  • A feeling of being empowered to take back the control of your life.
  • Explore what other lifestyle factors you can incorporate to create a more balanced lifestyle.
  • Have the confidence to go out into the world and smash your goals.

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