WELL CULTURED – Water Kefir and Natural Soda Workshop

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11am – 1pm Karori Community Centre

In this hands on workshop, you will learn about the principles of fermentation, the health benefits of consuming fermented drinks and why microbes are such an integral and important part of our life. And of course, just like in any of our previous workshops, we will be getting our hands dirty and making Water Kefir and Natural Soda from scratch, as well as learning tricks and tips to keep your kefir grains and ginger bug happy.

What we will cover in the class:

+ We will be doing the first step of the Water Kefir fermentation process together with some Kefir grains I will provide. I’ll also show you how to do the second step at home that happens after 48h.
+ You will learn how to flavour your Water Kefir in the second part of the fermentation process and get an extensive guide of flavour combinations than you can then practice at home.
+ We will be making a ginger bug which you can then use to make natural soda at home, plus I’ll show you other ways of culturing your natural soda with whey and water kefir.
+ We will be tasting several flavours of Water Kefir and Natural Soda made using different culturing methods.
+ Of course we will be talking a fair bit about troubleshooting and what to do when things go wrong, as well as learning really useful tips to keep your kefir grains and ginger bug happy and healthy.

You will be able to take home:

+ A freshly made batch of water kefir ready for the first fermentation with your newly acquired grains.
+ A freshly made ginger bug ready to take home for fermentation.
+ Another one of my crafty handouts with lots of very useful information, a step by step guide on how to make Water Kefir and Natural Sodas, troubleshooting info and more.
+ Hopefully a lot of ideas and inspiration to start your own fizzy journey!

** All materials for this class will be supplied. All you have to bring is a 2L and a 500ml clip top jars **





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