WELL CULTURED – Kimchi and Condiments Workshop @ Food Envy


Join us and learn all about the magic of fermentation. We will be making 2 different types of kimchi and 2 condiments that you can then take home to ferment, mature and savour.


This class is ideal if you are new to fermentation or if you are looking to expand your knowledge a bit further.

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Kimchi and Condiments Workshop – 17th July, 11am – 1.30pm @ Food Envy

In this Kimchi and Condiments workshop, you will learn about the principles of fermentation, the health benefits of consuming fermented foods and why microbes are such an integral and important part of our life. We will be making 2 different types of Kimchi and 2 kimchi condiments, plus tasting some yummy samples I’ll be making beforehand.


What we will cover in the class:

–  We will talk about the everything that goes on behind the scenes in the magical world of fermentation and the vast land of kimchi.

–  You will be doing the brining of the kimchi at home following a step by step guide that will be emailed to you a few days before the workshop.

–  We will be doing the seasoning of the kimchi all together in the class.

–  We will also be making 2 condiments.

–  And my favourite part of every class – sample tasting!


You will take home:

– A batch of traditional Napa Kimchi and pak choi kimchi, ready to ferment at home.

– 2 condiments ready to mature at home.

– Another one of my crafty handouts with lots of very useful information, recipes, troubleshooting info and more.

– Hopefully, heaps of ideas and inspiration to start your own fermentation journey!


– All materials for this kimchi and condiments workshop will be supplied. All you have to bring is a 2L jar for your kimchi, a grater and any empty jar you have in your pantry for the condiments –

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