Our Mission

At Best Kept Health, we believe good health starts from the inside out. Our mission is to provide you with the information and tools you need to re-balance your physical and mental wellbeing, by helping you build a healthier relationship with food and your environment to support the body’s healing mechanisms. We are passionate about gut health, fermented foods and wholefoods and love to share our knowledge, recipes and advice on how to introduce nutrient dense food into your diet that support a happy mind and a healthy body.

We trust in the importance of simplifying our lives and eating minimally processed foods to be in good physical and mental shape. We also believe education is an essential part of the process – information and awareness are key steps to making healthy decisions. Knowledge is power and we are here to deliver it to you in a way that’s fun and easy to digest with workshops, written articles, recipes and never ending inspiration.

The Best Kept Way

This is who we are, our core values, our big ideas and our uncompromising way of bringing them to life.


We only share honest information and we pride ourselves in being humble. We are not here to pretend we have the answers, we are here to help, to teach and inspire.


We are minimalists at heart. We like to get rid of the unnecessary and deliver the facts in a simple but informative way, to enrich your inner and outer world.


We believe there is a magical synergistic connection between us and nature, we are one. By respecting and honouring everything she has to offer, true wellbeing can be found.


Fermentation is a great example of how magical a transformation process can be. It’s the acceptance of letting go and leaving nature do its thing. Life is flow and we must flow with it.


We are all unique individuals with unique gut ecosystems, our microbiome is a world of its own. It’s our mission to show you how to look after it so it can look after you too.


We are and we’ve always just been bacteria. It’s our job to show you how amazing microbes are and how to feed them right, so they can protect us against germs, help us digest food, release vitamins and give us energy.


Our approach to health and life is holistic. Wellness is an interdisciplinary science, it’s the balance of all our body systems and our environment working together in harmony.


Each batch of sauerkraut, kimchi or water kefir we make is always different. The ingredients change and transform depending on so many factors. Fermentation, just like life and just like us it’s far from perfect, and that’s the true beauty of it.

Fermentation workshops and inspiration to transform your health from the inside out