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Let’s be real, there is a lot of conflicting health and wellness information out there and sometimes no information at all which leaves us dazed, confused and completely demotivated to begin the process of change.

Changing our behaviors and our deeply rooted habits is hard, especially if we are not sure where to begin or how to navigate our journey, this can make us feel deflated and really knock the confidence we need to reach our goals. We are more capable of making the right choices and more likely to stick to them when we are presented with information that’s clear and straight forward, when we know what we have to do and how instead of being left to decipher what our next move should be.

So how can Health Coaching help?

Health Coaching is a client-led practice, what this means is that we don’t prescribe or diagnose but rather focus on facilitation so that you can make your own informed choices. We empower clients to be the source of their own positive change and ask powerful questions to help them uncover their values, strengths and motivation for change using a step by step structured approach. At the end of the day, the power to shift is within us, we just simply walk alongside you and guide you every step of the way.

Information and awareness are key steps to making healthy decisions

I like that! But why Best Kept Health?

We believe gut health plays such an important role in our overall wellbeing. There is a lot of new research and studies that suggest having a healthy gut really impacts our mental health, quality of sleep, energy, hormones and supports a healthy body. As you may have already noticed, we LOVE all things guts, it is our passion. Everything we do evolves around ways of improving our gut and mental wellbeing. Like the rest of our body systems, they too are closely interconnected.

Being healthy is more than just eating the right foods, it’s also about enjoying meaningful relationships with others, moving regularly, looking after our gut and mental health and being content with ourselves and the life we live. This is what holistic health is – it’s the balance of all our body systems working in harmony.

With our coaching support and resources, we are hoping you can improve your diet and lifestyle and are able to find some peace around you and within you. A simple life is not a boring life, but a rich one full of the things that really drive you and make you happy.

To learn more about our Health Coaching program and the benefits of working with us, follow the link below.