Inma is our teacher and the brain behind Best Kept Health. She has a background in Nutrition and Health coaching and a lot of years experience as a fermenter. She brings incredible knowledge and passion to the classes and her energy is contagious. Our workshops are a mixture of gut health teaching and fermentation. They are fun, informative, interactive and always hands-on, we think the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty!

We ferment lots of different things from kimchi, to condiments, to sauerkraut, to water kefir and a whole lot of other things in between!

We do monthly fermentation workshops in Wellington and we love it. It’s such a great way of bringing people from different backgrounds together, all united by a common force: their love of fermentation.


Here is where you can find all our upcoming workshops and events. All the info is updated regularly so you don’t miss anything!

17th July – Kimchi and Condiments @ Food Envy

Join us and learn all about the magic of fermentation. We will be making 2 different types of kimchi and 2 condiments that you can then take home to ferment, mature and savour.

This class is ideal if you are new to fermentation or if you are looking to expand your knowledge a bit further.

Coming soon

13th Sept – Botanical Sauerkraut and Pickles @ Wellington Apothecary

Join us for this brand new Sauerkraut class where we will be learning about the magic of fermentation and how to add delicious foraged plants to our everyday kraut and pickles.

Coming soon

Fermentation workshops and inspiration to transform your health from the inside out